Real NYC

A hand holds an iPhone with a severely cracked screen. On the phone is an iMessage thread, with Real NYC stickers all over it. A full pizza has been assembled using individual pizza slice stickers, and there is a no walking sign and plastic bag.
An animated GIF of a hand scrolling through a grid of Real NYC stickers on a cracked iPhone screen.

With the release of iOS 10, Apple introduced iMessage sticker packs. We took this as an opportunity to share our love for the city we live and work in by creating a set of distinctly New York stickers made from photos of real New York objects. It was the first product released independently by the studio.

A promotional image for the Real NYC sticker pack. Black text on a white background reads 'The streets, the trash, the people, the wildlife, the subway'. Stickers of a plastic bag, rat, pigeon, pizza slice and others are randomly placed over the text.

Real NYC was featured in a television ad by Apple highlighting iMessage stickers. The app was discontinued in early 2019.