This Also website

This Also was a digital brand and product innovation studio in Brooklyn, New York. I led the development of most major versions of the site from mid-2015 until early 2019.

The Studio page of The T A version of the logo is in the top left corner, and the title of the page, 'Studio' is at the top. The page features a photo taken from the office looking out into the New York harbor. The photo is overlayed by the text 'We partner with businesses to bring new concepts to life.'
Studio page

As the business grew, our needs for the site changed, resulting in a wide variety of design executions over several revisions, each of which is available via its internal codename (all of which are linked below).

The site was built on Google App Engine using the webapp2 framework. We used Grunt for all build and deployment processes, as well as for testing purposes. The front end used Jinja2 for templating and SCSS for styles. The interface used This Also’s internal brand system, Bonsai. Page transitions and other JavaScript features were largely created in-house.

The homepage of the Whitewater version of The entirety of the background of the page is a video featuring vignettes of the office and employees. The bottom left features the site navigation. Above that are links to four case study pages.
Whitewater homepage
The homepage of the Redwood version of The full This Also logo is centered horizontally at the top of the page. The frame is a collage of phones and tablets showing screenshots of Big Web Quiz and a single Chromecast.
Redwood homepage