This iOS app is more like a toy than a traditional camera. OOO allows you to record video using unique interactions for controlling the amount of zoom. You can set it to zoom either smoothly over time, by sliding the shutter button up and down the screen, or with the pressure sensitivity of the iPhone’s screen.

While recording, you can add music to your videos. The app comes preloaded with small, looping music clips created in-house by Brendon Avalos and Brian Baker.

Three screens from OOO. In the first, we see the main camera interface, which features the currently selected song at the top, a crosshair in the center, and a row of buttons along the bottom featuring camera flip, a menu button, and the shutter. In the viewfinder is a scene of buildings and a city plaza. The second screen features the menu overlay, with a selection of three zoom methods along the bottom and a thumbnail of the last video recorded at the top. A 3 by 2 grid of buttons is in the center. The buttons are labeled 'aim', 'mute', 'flash', 'stabilize', 'music', and 'reverse'. The third image shows an in-process recording. The elapsed time is at the top and the crosshair in the center has become a red recording indicator. The scene in the viewfinder is of the Statue of Liberty.
From left to right: The main OOO interface, the overlay menu, and an in-process recording

OOO was featured on the home page of the iOS App Store and has been downloaded over 150,000 times.

The OOO microsite homepage. Navigation runs along the bottom, with links to Instagram, a press page, the privacy policy, an iOS app store badge and a link to This Also. The OOO logo, which consists of three white circles in a row with a green line over them, is at the top of the page, centered horizontally. The tagline 'play with zoom' is in large white type across the center of the page. In the background is a still from a video of a woman leaning out from behind a tree pointing at the camera.
OOO’s homepage